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About us

Benvenuti to House of Pasta, a true and authentic northern Italian restaurant.

Our greatest desire is to bring to Fort Myers the true homemade northern Italian cuisine and with it the pleasure to honor, inspire, and nurture the true Italian food lovers.

Pasta is the essence of Italian food. It has been the main dish that fed homes of an entire nation for centuries. However, it is the sauce that is used to compliment the pasta that dictates the geographic areas where they were created and the truly fascinating history of how these sauces were born, changing peoples lives one bowl, one person, one community at a time. 

Our vision is to bring to your table a truly extraordinary experience where the last bite invites your appetite to say ”I wish there was just one more”. 

With our northern Italian background and our love and passion for authentic Italian food and wine, we hope to bring to our neighbors and their families that same sensation of excitement and passion that we share with our friends and family each and every time we sit down for a meal.

Buon Appetito

House of Pasta is conveniently located in the heart of south Fort Myers, on Winkler Rd just south of Cypress Lake Dr. Details


For updated menu please visit our Facebook page in link.

Wine List Per Glass

Pinot Griggio

89 pts.

Dry, suave, full bodied with a strong scent of Artemisia, lemon and pear.

7 $ per Glass


90 pts.

Dry, full bodied with hints of raspberry,blackberry and blueberry.

7 $ per Glass


91 pts.

Wonderful , non woody, hint of apple and fresh bread crust.

7 $ per Glass

Carbernat Sauvignon

90 pts.

Well rounded, full bodied with herbal, raspberry and blackberry hints.

7 $ per Glass


91 pts.

Rich fruity notes, Full bodied with a pleasant, harmonious taste.

9 $ per Glass